How To Become A Literacy Tutor? Read Here!

What Does A Literacy Tutor Do?

If there’s anything that can ruin a child’s education, it’s poor reading skills. It’s estimated that at least half of all children cannot reach their full potential because of poor literacy skills.

If you’re struggling with your own learning difficulties, think about becoming a literacy tutor.

While tutoring has been around for centuries, the modern form of the tutor was first developed in the 1970s.

A literacy tutor works with students who are having trouble with reading and writing. They help them improve their comprehension, grammar, spelling test average, vocabulary and punctuation.

They provide one-on-one help to those who feel they need help learning to read.

Literacy tutors work with both children and adults and often teach in schools and charity organisations.

How do I become a literacy tutor in UK?

You don’t have to be an expert on the subject; what matters is that you know how to communicate.

If this sounds like something you’d enjoy doing, then check out our guide below:

  • Becoming a suitable literacy tutor doesn’t require any specific qualifications or experience – but if you already hold some kind of qualification, such as a teaching degree, you’ll find it easier to get jobs.
  • Most people choose to become literate tutors during school holidays when demand is higher than usual. You may also consider applying part time to build up your portfolio before going back to university.
  • To train most literacy dedicated tutors, complete either a foundation course or diploma. Some will go straight into an apprenticeship after completing these courses.
  • Many literacy tutor roles start off working from home until they gain more experience and confidence.

Way to become a tutor with the national literacy foundation

The National Literacy Trust offers a range of different ways to learn how to become a literacy tutor.

Their online training provides information about setting up your business, marketing yourself, finding clients, and much more.

It includes modules on topics including customer service, sales techniques, client management, communication, presentation skills and much more.

They offer several levels of certification, which include foundation level, intermediate and advanced Levels. Each level gives you access to additional resources and tools.

These programs take place over two days, so you won’t miss out on vital lessons. The cost ranges between £100 -£300 depending on where you live.

There’s no obligation to buy into the program once you’ve paid for it, though.  

Once you’ve completed the training and passed exams. You will receive a certificate of completion. This means you now qualify to run workshops and give private tuition sessions.

What does a literacy volunteer do?

Being a literacy tutor can be very rewarding because many of us struggle with reading and writing in our lives.

It helps others by giving them support to overcome issues they face while trying to understand written language.

Tutors must be able to connect with learners quickly.

If someone comes to you complaining about not being understood in class, ask questions to determine whether there is anything wrong with the classroom teacher or with the student.

When choosing a topic to focus on, make sure that it interests you enough to spend hours every day studying it.

Regal Tutors offer literacy programs as online literacy courses. Our courses help you learn how to read, write, and speak in English.

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